Using this Site

This site is about the role of employers in Australian Apprenticeships and the influence they have on achieving a successful apprenticeship outcome.

It focuses on:

  • what is involved in being an employer of an apprentice
  • what to look for in a potential apprentice and how to identify what they are looking for
  • how to effectively support and manage an apprentice
  • where to go to for further help and information.

The site is a collection of resources relating to these issues. It includes good practice guides, tools and templates, links to relevant websites and information, and self-reflection questions to see how current processes might measure up against the latest thinking on good practice.

It has been designed for use by those people who work with employers, host employers and potential employers of apprentices, so that they can provide employers with the information and resources that are most relevant and useful.

Please note that whilst this site has been optimised for use on mobile devices, some links will take users to external sites that may not be easily read or navigated on such devices.

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